At the age of fifteen, April was told by the lab technician at the clinic that her pregnancy test was positive. April, young and naive didn’t know what a positive pregnancy test meant. She asked the tech, “what does a positive result mean”?

Rewind back several years when April was twelve she became chronically homeless. April often lied to people about her age, so when she met Preston who was thirty-three she told him that she was nineteen.

The two quickly got swept up into what the other had to offer. April had no place to live and Preston (a home owner) was a victim of his own past and childhood abuse from members of his family. They hooked up in December and it was March when April held the positive pregnancy test result in her hand.

Things between April and Preston did not last, and before their child got to his first birthday, April became a single Mother.

April is now in her thirties, her son now in his twenties. I sat down with April to hear first hand about her life and her journey as an orphan, underprivileged, uneducated, poverty stricken and chronically homeless single mother who played just about every card in the deck, not only to survive but to be present for her son.

Stayed tuned for part two of The Dark Places of Single Parenting.

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