Are you upset? Do you intend to show him that you are upset? Wait… count to twenty then read this guide to positive confrontation, it shows you how to express yourself without appearing immature and hot headed. Take heed.


  1. Set the mood = Look hot! Yes, I know you are upset or at least bothered by what he did, but if your intention isn’t to leave him, using this guide will surely have him wanting you so make sure your bed is nicely made and having something ready to eat wouldn’t hurt either.
  2. He is entitled to his perception = Although we are all in the world, we all experience the world differently. Ask him for his view, then repeat his view and then state how it made you feel.
  3. Be prepared to offer solutions.
  4. Don’t interrupt him = Don’t, but if you must, use a pen and pad to jot down where he was so you can help him pick back up where you interrupted him. It brings more frustration to a conversation when a person is interrupted and then they can’t remember what they were going to say.
  5. Touch him = His thigh, his knee, his arm, his head, his cheek are all good places. Touch him to stay connected and help soften your message.
  6. Keep your tone and volume in check.
  7. Be reasonable = For me, I wouldn’t try to talk to a man about any subject that he does not deem enjoyable for longer than ten minutes. Watch the clock.
  8. End it with intimacy = To stay connected and reassure your commitment and affection for him.

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