You’ve broken up with him and you are still thinking about him right? Maybe your adding torture to your desperation, by not eating, not showering and possibly not fulfilling many of your obligations, like buying groceries, doing laundry and you certainly haven’t worked out.

Ready to stop thinking about him, get up, get dressed, go outside, this works best face to face, talk to anyone and everyone that will listen to you for a few minutes. Tell them how you allowed your ex to treat you badly. Tell them how you allowed him to do you wrong time after time after time. Tell them about the excuses you made up to deem his behavior acceptable. Go ahead, tell people. The more people you tell, the more you will realize how low you went for affection. It isn’t pretty I know, but the truth is the only thing that will end your feelings for good. Go be truthful, feel truth, it will set your mind free!

Do this everyday until it works. There will be a phase where you are disgusted with yourself. When you arrive to that place of self loathing it means you are almost at the finish line. By being and thinking about being disappointed in yourself you will erase thoughts of him for good. Be mad at yourself, disgusted with yourself and disappointed with yourself this will shift his power over you and allow you to regain your consciousness and you will return to your sensibilities. You will be motivated to replace your feelings of self disgust by taking action to regain control of your life and resuming your obligations, daily activities and even pursing new interests.

Do you have any raw advice for ending feelings for good? Please share, as always on my blog, your conversation is welcome here.

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