When he knocked at my door, I needed exactly two more minutes before I’d be ready. My pearl colored stilettos were on and I double checked on the seam of my fishnet stockings all was good everything was in place. I felt “ready” to open the door and let him in. He’s impatient, and having to wait two minutes outside my door would indeed seem like an eternity to him.

I greet him, hi.

Hi, he says as he walks through my door, his eyes glued to my body.

Give me two more minutes, I say before I disappear. Pretty sure he was annoyed but I didn’t bother to show him that I cared. I make it to my bathroom and I can already feel the sweat building on my forehead. Why does he, this man, do this to me. Why?

We’ve been broken up for over a year….. but we have real estate property together. So, we’re business partner exes. Drama.

“Ummm, its been two minutes”, he calls out.

I roll my eyes and proceed with checking my makeup and then suddenly he’s in my bathroom door way.

My mind begins to race, never should have let him in, even if it was only going to be for a few minutes…

Our eyes lock.


Was all I could manage to get out of my mouth before he stepped into my bathroom, drew me in to his body by cupping my ass with both of his hands.


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