See that stain along the shirt collar in the photo? The shirt belongs to a guy I was seeing, needless to say he left a nasty ring around his shirt collars. And was adamant about wearing a different shirt every day during his five day work week. So at the end every week, he had a total of ten shirts that looked like this one. Five of them had collars and the other five shirts were white t-shirts which he wore underneath. “Have you ever considered wearing black shirts everyday?” I asked him. He looked at me with a blank gaze. He had once told me that his friends used to call him shirts.

Ladies, there is a lot of advice on how to treat a man, and 98% of that advice is absolutely useless unless he is the type of man that deserves the level of commitment you are willing to give to him.

Okay so back to my relationship with eh hem, “Shirts”, let’s do some math, he wore two shirts (undershirt and collard shirt) five days a week. I was hand-washing ten shirts every week. Putting these shirts into the laundry would not remove the stains. Hand-washing them was best way.

To love a man means that there will be many tasks such as hand-washing that you as a woman attempting to love a man will chose to do. If you have children you will have to balance doing loving things for the man in your life, along with loving yourself and being available and efficient for your children.

Any woman, who wants a man in her life, should be willing to love him and give him what he needs and he should be doing the same for you. Finding time to show a man that you love him makes a woman more. It makes her more beautiful, it develops her patience, her resilience, it enforces her ability to multi-task and whenever I am doing things for the man I love it gives me the freedom to think.

Why do men need women to care and show their love without asking for it? Because if he has to ask then he is also questioning that woman’s commitment and her love for him. I am going to go deeper on this topic, exploring the science behind activating positivity in men in my next post “Why Women Should Compliment Men Even If They Haven’t Earned It”

I hope you enjoy this topic as it is the very first installment on my “How To Love A Man Series.” Stay tuned for daily posts in this series. Please share and leave your comment.

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