Certain men are equipped to handle more than one emotional connection with women, here’s who they are:

1. He is single. A single man has the right to date and have emotional connections with multiple women.

2. He is honest with all of the women that he is emotionally involved with about his dating and mating habits.

3. He can manage and keep up with multiple female personalities and differences. He does not treat all women as if they are the same. He let’s each woman have her individuality.

4. He has a solid memory. He knows which woman said what and did what.

5. He is sexually responsible. A man who has multiple sexual exchanges with different women should be tested regularly for diseases and make it mandatory for the women that he is involved with to be tested as well.

6. He is financially independent.

7. He is mentally stable.

8. He does not gossip.

9. He is masculine with access to his feelings.

10. He is consistent.

11. He has integrity.

12. He respects women.

13. He has an in depth understanding of the female needs.

14. He has healthy levels of self-esteem.

15. He is confident.

16. He shows gratitude.

17. Versatile character and personality traits. He knows when to be loud and when to patient.

18. He has a moral compass and or a mentor/s.

Did I miss any significant qualities for the men who qualify to have multiple emotional exchanges with women? Please let me know in the comments.

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